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[a long walk downtown | austin engagement portrait photographer]

This couple wins the award for most ground covered downtown in one session! What troopers! These two are an incredibly sweet and kind pair, and I just can’t wait until the big day in September!!

I simply adore this flower in her hair. And I think I told her about ten times during the session, too. 🙂

I love “in the moment” pictures… even in portrait sessions!



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[one darling little girl | austin infant photographer]

Oh, she could not be an ounce sweeter!

And her family couldn’t be an ounce more beautiful…

And one that makes me grin from ear to ear:


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[Someone’s going to be four! | austin child and maternity photographer]

And not only will he be four, but he’s going to be a big brother soon, too! (And guess who gets to take little sister’s newborn pictures!) We took some four-year portraits… as well as some special mommy and son pictures.

This is one of those melt your heart smiles!

I’ve been dying to do this picture, and he just happened to be the perfect height! Dream realized. 🙂

And what birthday session would be complete without a cupcake?


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[the awesome nixons | austin family photographer]

Meet the awesome Nixons. They have four children and an exchange student that is also totally awesome. They moved to Austin from Phoenix (woo hoo!). They are both organized and creative, which still makes my head spin. And we had a lot of fun walking around downtown last weekend.

Hello pretty lady!

Thank you, friends, for letting me photograph your sweet family!


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[awaiting little sister | austin maternity photographer]

This was such a fun session! Big brother in waiting is just adorable… as you can see! And here I am amazed at another stunning mommy-to-be who is eight months along! *sigh* My favorite part about this session is all of the cute family moments!

Life unposed! Love the lighting… and the laughter…

And some with the whole family!

“I’m two!”

And my personal favorite…

And lucky, lucky, lucky me! I get to photograph baby sister when she comes!


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[he has his daddy’s feet | austin newborn photographer]

and they are adorable little feet, too! I had such much fun with this little guy today. He is a rock solid sleeper at (I believe) eight days old. Well, he’s a rock solid sleeper during the day, at least!

First try… he’s the perfect foot model!

My son did this, too:

Here’s the (rightfully) proud mommy and daddy!

I love the sweet little faces they make in the first weeks!

And I get to do pictures with him twice in the next year! I love my job!


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[what I hope he remembers | austin child photographer]

When my son was born so many moms with grown kids told me to enjoy each day, because the days will go by quickly. Each time I heard this I thought that they were crazy. That first year was the l-o-n-g-e-s-t year of my life, but they told me so firmly and so assuredly that I knew at some point it would be advice to heed. Sure enough, the days are just flying by now.

I opened these pictures today and cried. My little boy is growing so quickly. I thought about what I hope he remembers about his childhood. I hope he remembers it as magical. I hope he remembers exploring, wondering, discovering. I hope he remembers friends and laughter and joy. I hope he remembers hunting for bugs with daddy in the backyard and pitching tents in my office and hiding from the “rain” with mommy.

I took these yesterday at his playdate with his best buddy; they make me smile because they are just two boys being boys!

And what post about two boys would be complete without this?


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