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[a long walk downtown | austin engagement portrait photographer]

This couple wins the award for most ground covered downtown in one session! What troopers! These two are an incredibly sweet and kind pair, and I just can’t wait until the big day in September!!

I simply adore this flower in her hair. And I think I told her about ten times during the session, too. 🙂

I love “in the moment” pictures… even in portrait sessions!



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[the awesome nixons | austin family photographer]

Meet the awesome Nixons. They have four children and an exchange student that is also totally awesome. They moved to Austin from Phoenix (woo hoo!). They are both organized and creative, which still makes my head spin. And we had a lot of fun walking around downtown last weekend.

Hello pretty lady!

Thank you, friends, for letting me photograph your sweet family!


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[i’m still here… and a few downtown]

I apologize for posting so little this week. My son came down with croup cough, and I completed a total of five calligraphy orders in a week (which is a lot).

My son is all better, and yesterday we went downtown for a [literally] fifteen minute TOPS photo session. I should have brushed his hair, given him a bath first, lalala, but I’m not one for perfect pictures. This is who my little boy really is.

Poor kid… his mommy mixes plaid and checkers…

His nonna and papa sent him some cars and quarters, and he opened his package right before we left, so he has them in his little fists or shirt pocket for all the pictures. He’s taking a nap right now, and he fell asleep holding them, too…

Taken by my hubby:


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