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[Introducing Eve | austin newborn family photographer]

I really do love her name and just had to get it in the title! I was thinking about how fun it is to have repeat clients, because you know exactly which rooms in their house to go to for light. The fun thing about having repeat photographer “clients” is that THEY know exactly which rooms in their house to go to for light AND which way to face. 🙂 This is my favorite little light spot in her house, and I realized that all our favs come from this little space!

And it didn’t disappoint this time, either:

I think I tried jumping up and down on my stool after taking the above picture!

Since mama’s a photographer, there wasn’t a need for me to do the usual newborn pictures, but there were still a couple moments during the session that I could not resist. 🙂

How special is this – little Eve had a portrait with all the ladies – her mama, sister, grandma, and auntie. 🙂

And a couple family pictures!

So, so thrilled for you friend Mollie!



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[meet mae piper | austin newborn photographer]

This is Mae Piper. She is three days old. She came so fast that her mommy’s midwife didn’t make it in time, and her daddy delivered her! (No, I am not kidding.) She already follows sound with her eyes. She is a little firecracker… and her momma’s not intimidated. She’s the youngest of four, and she’s already brought this family a whole lot of joy!

These are her sisters and brother.

A special picture with big brother

This is her happy family.

And if the following three pictures don’t tell you what a distinct little personality she has, I don’t know what will! 🙂

And this is big sister. She and my son get along famously and I not-so-secretly am already planning their wedding. 😀


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[peaceful | austin newborn photography]

Sure, all newborns come with their demands, but this little lady just seemed so at peace in spite of being faced with a whole new world.

While taking the first two pictures I was thinking about how amazing it was that she was so contented by her mommy and shared such a close bond with her…  as tiny as she is!

Is she not the sweetest little joy?!

I have to say that she’s awfully close to her daddy, too! We have some very special father-daughter pictures from this session, and this is just one I really love.

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[newborn goodness]

This little one is precious… PRECIOUS!! It’ll be a busy weekend, but I could not help but share this one with you. Momma, you must tell us the brand name of this layette. It’s just darling!

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Luca reminds me so much of my son when he was a newborn, so clearly I was just smitten with him at our session today. He has so much personality already, so much awareness. Too much going on for sleep. He was perfect the whole time… although I felt bad for taking his sleepy time from mommy! I did mommy and daddy’s wedding pictures, as well as momma’s maternity pictures, so this was a real treat! Here’s your sneak peek, B family. 🙂

Look at this little personality!

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[for stephanie]

Stephanie has been a great friend to me since we moved to Austin, and our little guys love to play together (when mine isn’t being a stinker). We’ve missed you, but thanks for letting me take these pictures of your new little joy! You have color versions in your inbox, but I’m posting them in black and white on here since I’ve been on a color kick lately. 🙂

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