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[isn’t he cute? | austin child photographer]

I just had to share. ­čÖé



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[How sweet are they? | Austin family photographer]

I was lucky enough to have a session with these dear friends in some glorious light. We battled mosquitos (they won) at our neighborhood park, but I have to say that it was well worth the “pain”!

Wish I could say that I worked some sort of magic to get this first picture… okay maybe just a pinch, but it was really the natural and easy sibling connection here that made my job simple. They just interact so beautifully without fuss and I really watching it unfold (and snapping away).


And you would think this is big sister number two, but no, this is mama! *sigh* I love this picture!

And my two favorite family pictures from the session:

P.S. Good job on the color coordinating! Love it!


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[the girls | austin family photographer]

I love repeat clients! I cannot believe how much this little lady has grown and changed since her newborn pictures! She has such a joyful spirit. We did this session earlier in the week as a surprise for daddy’s birthday present!

Such pretty girls!


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[my nieces are the cutest]

While in Arizona, I met my new baby niece and caught up with the older two cuties.

My beautiful sister:

Aaaaand… the other two:

We made finger puppets:

I cannot believe she’s this big already.

And this little cutie is such an angel. I had to ask my sister is she EVER misbehaves. She said that she does… when her sister sets her up!

Does my little sister have her hands full or what?!

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[revisiting photos]

I took these of my niece when she visited in June. I re-edited them tonight, and edited this first one after cracking up when I opened it. She’s giving a boy the stare because he was making a┬áruckus in the water at the park. She just stared at him with this tiny wisdom, and I love the little look that resulted.

When I used to write (before I was a mom), I’d write, edit, put it away long enough to become detached, then take the draft out and re-edit with fresh eyes. I figure that there’s nothing wrong with doing this in photography as well, right? Well, at least when it comes to family photos.

This is the face of a toddler who is forced to take a picture before she can go enjoy the lollypops five feet away…

I chopped the top of the fence off in my first edit, but fell in love with the peek of trees and magical bokeh it created this time around.

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