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[Easter Party | austin party photographer]

This was the second year our sweet friends hosted an Easter party, and this year was just as lovely as the last! I promised myself that I would not pull out the camera when I realized I’d left my back-up in the back seat, but I only made it halfway through the party before snapping away. I tried… it was a battle… I lost. And I am glad I did!

[The above activity was “confetti eggs” – an Easter tradition this fam shared with us all!]

She melts my heart. 🙂

I love spring!


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[Bluebonnets | Belton family photographer]

That’s right. You read the title correctly! I drove clear out to Belton to photograph this sweet, sweet family in a gorgeous field of Bluebonnets! They are headed to Maryland and wanted to remember their time in Austin with Bluebonnet portraits – how fitting!

This jump couldn’t have been more perfect!

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[fantastic four | austin family portrait photographer]

This family of four is uber special because big sister happens to be one of my little guy’s friends AND mama happens to be a photographer, too! I always feel very special when photographers ask me to take their family pictures. 🙂

Ah! Such cuties!

Thank you, friends, for spending Saturday morning with me!


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[bubbles | austin toddler photographer]

I love the concentration, payoff, and surprise in these pictures! And yes, he’s just as sweet as he looks… and more!


And a special mommy picture. 🙂


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[I just don’t know what to say | austin family photographer]

Let’s just say that I ADORE the pictures from this session! 

Waving hello!

All done playing with the stick!

I know it’s not perfect in many ways, but this is one of my favorite pictures from the session:

Now, surely after all of these pictures, this little guy was too tired and cranky for more… right? Well, no. And I didn’t give a sneak peek for several spots we visited, too! He’s made for the camera! One more little moment that just so fully captures childhood to me… sticks on a stone wall… drums of course!


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[a little princess | austin child photographer]

What an angel! After putting on her dress, she told her daddy that she was a princess. I have to agree! This little lady turned two the day before our session, and it was a real treat to photograph her milestone!

Kids do the most adorable things…

I just about died when she flashed this cute little face at me!


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Oh so my son calls them. Zilker Botanical Garden is hosting a dinosaur exhibit, and we went with one of Isaac’s buddies and his mom to check it out today. We spent some time in the gardens afterward. Lots of smiles when the lollipops were pulled out!

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