[Big kids | Austin family photographer]

Now what’s better than a family who lives out of state requesting a session while they’re in town?! I’m so honored and hope I lived up to your hopes!

It’s not everyday I get to photograph big kids! And what a stunning brother and sister I had to work with!

I just had to do something a little different, and they were such great sports!

This one makes me smile. [It was right after the flower comment!]

Of course we have some nice smiley pictures, too, but you know I just love those in between moments! ๐Ÿ™‚



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[Wedding Sneak Peek Part TWO! | Austin TX wedding photographer]

I’m so excited to share with you part two of this sneak peek! As I said before, I was able to photograph the reception as it unfolded… without hyper-scheduling or such things. Such a dream!

I love the details in this wedding! Any floral design incorporating artichoke is a sign of real style, I think!

He has to be the coolest uncle!

I just loved this little room and kept trying to think ย of a way to show it off without making it about the room, so I watched what was going on in there throughout the day just waiting for something to happen in there that would lend to the story of the day. I’m sure someone thought I was crazy for standing in there for a few minutes waiting for just the right people to walk across the floor! I’m so glad I did, though, because these are two of my favorite pictures now!

Now how clever is this. The children had their own little table with art supplied and Polaroid pictures to decorate pages of a Kolo album for the bride and groom to keep!

Oh I have SO many more I want to show you, but I must end somewhere. What better than with a dance?!

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[Wedding Part Two | austin wedding photographer]

Here are a few more fun pictures! See the rest of this wedding below. Now here’s hoping that Mrs. A (bride) is a blog stalker. I didn’t bring her e-mail address with me to tell here they’re here. ๐Ÿ™‚

I wish I could take credit for the following pictures, but these are my husband’s (a.k.a. occasional second shooter) handiwork!

Now how awesome is this, UT fans?!

Is it bad that I want to get married again so that I can have one of these pictures? ๐Ÿ™‚

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[Bluebonnets | Belton family photographer]

That’s right. You read the title correctly! I drove clear out to Belton to photograph this sweet, sweet family in a gorgeous field of Bluebonnets! They are headed to Maryland and wanted to remember their time in Austin with Bluebonnet portraits – how fitting!

This jump couldn’t have been more perfect!

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[baby boy | austin newborn photographer]

I have one sweet little love to share with you today! He was awake for most of the session and then we watched as he nodded out (got a cute almost-asleep close-up!) near the end. It’s amazing to me that these tiny ones already have their own little set of likes and dislikes and hints of what their personality will be like.

This time I’m starting with a couple pictures of mommy and baby because I’m just too excited about them! She’s just gorgeous anytime, but I think the first picture of her laughing is extra special. ๐Ÿ™‚

And just as he dozed off and everything was perfect for his laying over the chair picture, he turned his head the other direction! Thought it was a good time for hands/feet pictures instead!

I love this expression!

His nursery is too cute! I love, ย love, love the squares painted on the wall and his polka dot sheet!

Thank you so much for letting me capture little C at such a precious time!


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[How sweet are they? | Austin family photographer]

I was lucky enough to have a session with these dear friends in some glorious light. We battled mosquitos (they won) at our neighborhood park, but I have to say that it was well worth the “pain”!

Wish I could say that I worked some sort of magic to get this first picture… okay maybe just a pinch, but it was really the natural and easy sibling connection here that made my job simple. They just interact so beautifully without fuss and I really watching it unfold (and snapping away).


And you would think this is big sister number two, but no, this is mama! *sigh* I love this picture!

And my two favorite family pictures from the session:

P.S. Good job on the color coordinating! Love it!


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[Elegance | austin wedding photographer]

My oh my oh my – how I adore this wedding! After the formal family pictures, I was given free range of what to capture. There wasn’t a schedule or desire for me to intrude – just a sweet family surrounding and celebrating a much loved couple and their sweet little girl.


Who says family portraits have to be boring?

The couple flew their pastor in from out of state so that he could officiate the ceremony. I think it makes the altar pictures even more special. ๐Ÿ™‚

There was a song in the ceremony, and the kids started to dance. I thought it was adorable!

I warn my brides that I WILL cry at their wedding at some point. [It’s just part of being in the moment, okay!] But for the following three pictures, I cried when I took them, I cried when I downloaded them, and I cried when I edited. them. It was such a beautiful and touching moment where the couple dedicated part of the ceremony to their little girl.

More yummy photographs of the reception and details to come… stay tuned!

This wedding took place at Laguna Gloria (Art Museum of Austin) in central Austin.


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