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[itty bitty sessions | part two]

Here’s part two of the sessions from yesterday! Momma made these adorable hats (and her tunic) for these pictures. What talent!

Love the color here:

I finally got to use my big lollipops, too!

And these are the awesome friends who let me use their backyard as a backdrop! I’ll have to get permission before posting their family picture because it’s going on the Christmas card I believe…

This was a hurry-and-get-the-camera-settings-right-before-she-moves type of moment!

I just love this gal. Such a sweet soul…


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[these are genuine smiles]

My husband told me before I left for this session that it was going to be a great one… because he “could feel it”. I love him, and I LOVE THESE PICTURES! It was a family-turned-kids-only session and we had lots of fun! Thanks so much, L kids, for sharing your evening with me! Here’s your sneak peek…

“strong men”

This is just sweetness!

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Meet the Navarros

This sweet family has been such a blessing in our lives since we moved to Austin, and they gave up their evening (on empty stomachs) to snap a few pictures with me. You’ll see Nate’s face again… he’s coming out with a new album in August, and you can hear some of the songs here. Here’s a sneak peak for “all y’all” (as I heard Jess say on Sunday).

“I’m two.”



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