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[Big kids | Austin family photographer]

Now what’s better than a family who lives out of state requesting a session while they’re in town?! I’m so honored and hope I lived up to your hopes!

It’s not everyday I get to photograph big kids! And what a stunning brother and sister I had to work with!

I just had to do something a little different, and they were such great sports!

This one makes me smile. [It was right after the flower comment!]

Of course we have some nice smiley pictures, too, but you know I just love those in between moments! 🙂



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[How sweet are they? | Austin family photographer]

I was lucky enough to have a session with these dear friends in some glorious light. We battled mosquitos (they won) at our neighborhood park, but I have to say that it was well worth the “pain”!

Wish I could say that I worked some sort of magic to get this first picture… okay maybe just a pinch, but it was really the natural and easy sibling connection here that made my job simple. They just interact so beautifully without fuss and I really watching it unfold (and snapping away).


And you would think this is big sister number two, but no, this is mama! *sigh* I love this picture!

And my two favorite family pictures from the session:

P.S. Good job on the color coordinating! Love it!


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[the awesome nixons | austin family photographer]

Meet the awesome Nixons. They have four children and an exchange student that is also totally awesome. They moved to Austin from Phoenix (woo hoo!). They are both organized and creative, which still makes my head spin. And we had a lot of fun walking around downtown last weekend.

Hello pretty lady!

Thank you, friends, for letting me photograph your sweet family!


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[close | austin natural photography]

It’s truly touching to see how close this bunch is! All five siblings look out for and genuinely enjoy each other. What’s perhaps even more touching is watching how mom and dad melt over these guys. And who can blame them?

And this family expanded yesterday! Here’s a sneak peek of the sneak peek to come…

Thank you so much, Y fam, for sharing your sweet hearts with me!

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[stunning | austin senior high school photographer]

It’s time to get started on those senior pictures Austin high schools! And why be committed to the blasé pictures you get from school? This STUNNING gal is my senior model this year, and I could not be more excited! We went for an urban setting, and it was so much fun!
Make sure you check the bottom of this post for my class of ’09 picture package!

Class of 2009 Picture Package


45 minute session with two outfits

15 pictures on disc

48 wallets

3 8×10 and 4 5×7 professional prints

50 custom calling cards with the picture of your choice, name, and contact info

15 watermarked pictures for myspace and facebook accounts


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Class of ’09

Well, I discovered two things today: watch for snakes when taking pictures in fields, and it’s kind of nice not having to bribe your subject with bubbles or treats to get them to look at you. 🙂 Today was my first senior session, and it was so much fun! We couldn’t have asked for a better diffuser than clouds! Thanks so much for spending the evening with me and yay for one more school year!!! Here’s your sneak peak:

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