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[Someone’s going to be four! | austin child and maternity photographer]

And not only will he be four, but he’s going to be a big brother soon, too! (And guess who gets to take little sister’s newborn pictures!) We took some four-year portraits… as well as some special mommy and son pictures.

This is one of those melt your heart smiles!

I’ve been dying to do this picture, and he just happened to be the perfect height! Dream realized. 🙂

And what birthday session would be complete without a cupcake?



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[awaiting little sister | austin maternity photographer]

This was such a fun session! Big brother in waiting is just adorable… as you can see! And here I am amazed at another stunning mommy-to-be who is eight months along! *sigh* My favorite part about this session is all of the cute family moments!

Life unposed! Love the lighting… and the laughter…

And some with the whole family!

“I’m two!”

And my personal favorite…

And lucky, lucky, lucky me! I get to photograph baby sister when she comes!


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[Good golly {ms. mollie} | austin maternity photographer]

First, I want to say that this is exactly how I looked when I was eight months pregnant. Okay, not so much! A few too many Oreos for me. I was so very thrilled to do a maternity session with my photographer friend, Mollie. It’s always fun to drag photographers out from behind their camera! I think the only thing that makes me happier about this is that I get to do a family session with their newborn!!

She put up with my crazy ideas, and I was very glad for that. 🙂

Are they not just the cutest?

Not every picture in a maternity session needs to show off the belly!

I’m going to have to post more from this series later. There are some REALLY stinkin’ adorable ones!

*sigh* This one is my favorite from the session!

Aren’t they the cutest?

I. Love. This. One!

And this one.

And one of the little miss…

Check out Mollie’s work at Bloom Austin.


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This is an old friend (assuming eight years counts as an old friend), and I just cannot believe she’s expecting her second! Ah! Well, she is just as lovely as ever if you ask me!

Well, I arrived with a few ideas, including this idea I had for an on the bed picture. This little guy was not going to have anyone taking pictures of mommy’s belly, though… at least not without being in it himself! How adorable! It worked out, as it always does. I’ll take this shot over what was in my head any day!

She’s a natural!

You either flock to or run from this area when you’re pregnant:

She’s always had a thing for cereal!

Couldn’t help but get a few of this little guy. He’s so big now!

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[a pretty mama]

If you can believe it, this was taken just four days before she went to the hospital! What a sweet family, and a beautiful backyard! I can’t wait to photograph her new baby girl next week, too!

What sweet boys! I told one to stand behind mommy, and he just went and started playing with her hair! Darling!

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[mommy and daddy to be]

What a fun session this was! This couple is so sweet to each other and just in general, so excited for their new little one, and I have to say that this will be one lucky baby! I can’t wait for the newborn session next month!

In baby’s nursery:

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[katie kat]

This is my little sister. Well, she’s less than two years younger than me and has more kids than me, but she’s still my little sister.

She came to visit me last month, and a few minutes before she left for her fifteen hour drive home, and after she got her two kids ready for the day, attempted to clean my house [I stopped her as soon as I could], packed up her suitcases, and shook off a fever from the night before, I asked her if she’d take a few maternity pictures. She didn’t put her make-up on that morning or do her hair, and she’s still so stunningly beautiful after all that… inside and out.

I miss her.

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