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[Introducing Eve | austin newborn family photographer]

I really do love her name and just had to get it in the title! I was thinking about how fun it is to have repeat clients, because you know exactly which rooms in their house to go to for light. The fun thing about having repeat photographer “clients” is that THEY know exactly which rooms in their house to go to for light AND which way to face. 🙂 This is my favorite little light spot in her house, and I realized that all our favs come from this little space!

And it didn’t disappoint this time, either:

I think I tried jumping up and down on my stool after taking the above picture!

Since mama’s a photographer, there wasn’t a need for me to do the usual newborn pictures, but there were still a couple moments during the session that I could not resist. 🙂

How special is this – little Eve had a portrait with all the ladies – her mama, sister, grandma, and auntie. 🙂

And a couple family pictures!

So, so thrilled for you friend Mollie!



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[they leave your heart full | austin newborn twins photographer]

Just full of love and happiness and joy. It was so moving to photograph these two and their sweet family, and I do hope I reflect that in their photographs!

The next series is “so” newborn, and so quickly passing that I’m thrilled we captured it!

LOVE this picture:

Oh these little darlings!

Melts my heart!!!

There are always unplanned, sweet moments in full newborn sessions, as in the following two. I know it’s the mom in my, but I few things are more precious to me than pictures of parents and their newborns.

Um, hello little miss stylin’!

We even got a couple pictures of the big brothers all by themselves!

And a couple family pictures, too…

Thank you so very much, G family, for letting me capture this moment in time. So very special you all are!


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[Big kids | Austin family photographer]

Now what’s better than a family who lives out of state requesting a session while they’re in town?! I’m so honored and hope I lived up to your hopes!

It’s not everyday I get to photograph big kids! And what a stunning brother and sister I had to work with!

I just had to do something a little different, and they were such great sports!

This one makes me smile. [It was right after the flower comment!]

Of course we have some nice smiley pictures, too, but you know I just love those in between moments! 🙂


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[How sweet are they? | Austin family photographer]

I was lucky enough to have a session with these dear friends in some glorious light. We battled mosquitos (they won) at our neighborhood park, but I have to say that it was well worth the “pain”!

Wish I could say that I worked some sort of magic to get this first picture… okay maybe just a pinch, but it was really the natural and easy sibling connection here that made my job simple. They just interact so beautifully without fuss and I really watching it unfold (and snapping away).


And you would think this is big sister number two, but no, this is mama! *sigh* I love this picture!

And my two favorite family pictures from the session:

P.S. Good job on the color coordinating! Love it!


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[fantastic four | austin family portrait photographer]

This family of four is uber special because big sister happens to be one of my little guy’s friends AND mama happens to be a photographer, too! I always feel very special when photographers ask me to take their family pictures. 🙂

Ah! Such cuties!

Thank you, friends, for spending Saturday morning with me!


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[one darling little girl | austin infant photographer]

Oh, she could not be an ounce sweeter!

And her family couldn’t be an ounce more beautiful…

And one that makes me grin from ear to ear:


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[Someone’s going to be four! | austin child and maternity photographer]

And not only will he be four, but he’s going to be a big brother soon, too! (And guess who gets to take little sister’s newborn pictures!) We took some four-year portraits… as well as some special mommy and son pictures.

This is one of those melt your heart smiles!

I’ve been dying to do this picture, and he just happened to be the perfect height! Dream realized. 🙂

And what birthday session would be complete without a cupcake?


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