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[a long walk downtown | austin engagement portrait photographer]

This couple wins the award for most ground covered downtown in one session! What troopers! These two are an incredibly sweet and kind pair, and I just can’t wait until the big day in September!!

I simply adore this flower in her hair. And I think I told her about ten times during the session, too. 🙂

I love “in the moment” pictures… even in portrait sessions!



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[Can you tell? | austin couples photographer]

that they’re in love? Have I told you how much I LOVE when married couples contact me for couples pictures? This duo is going on six years together!

I was super excited about this picture!

Thank you P fam – I had lots of fun and even picked up a couple rules of golf etiquette from you both!


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[a few more | austin natural photography]

Here are a few more from a session a couple weeks ago. I finished editing today and just couldn’t help myself. 🙂


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[wiiiiiindy day | austin couples photography]

Well, the weather cooperated with us, but the wind… not so much! These two were so patient waiting for the perfect moment for the wind to die down for a second here and there. I have to say, though, that some of my favorites were taken while waiting. 🙂

Um, does she not have gorgeous eyes?!

Here are two taken while waiting for the wind to die down.

You’ll remember this spot from a post last week. I had the chance to explore it a little more with this couple, and we found some new spots!

I love that last picture in both color and black and white, but the black and white is so moody that I had to share it.

If their moms could see how high up this was, I’d be fired. 🙂

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[urban fun! | austin engagement pictures]

We had good fun and a long walk scouting out some new downtown locations for pictures. And how lucky am I that I get to photograph their wedding next year!!!

I was a little THRILLED when I opened this one:

I think my reaction upon seeing this wall was near comical. I do pictures in the ally behind it all the time, but never actually turned the corner!

Love this.

And this.

They brought little miss for some family pictures!

Not posed. Just sweet.

How could I NOT get some portraits of her?! I was slightly on the giddy side upon seeing the scarf!

I think we may have a future photographer on our hands here. I asked her where she wanted to lay, and she picked this direction “so that the street isn’t in the background”. Love it!


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[love, love, love]

That’s what these two are made of! I just adore this couple! They were up for anything, which is always a treat in a photo session!

I wanted to jump up and down when I opened this picture. I don’t even have to tell you how in love they are; you can just see it!

I’ll be pretty sad when they finish the construction downtown. Until then…

My favorite part of this picture is the peek of her smile at the top!

Sigh. I love this one:

And this is only the first camera… I’d used two for this session. Hold on to your hats… you’ll get to see their wedding pictures later this month! I can’t wait!

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[urban engagement]

He’s country and rap; she’s not.

She likes horror movies, and he likes everything else.

He’s chemistry; she’s history.

He’s the most amazing thing on the face of the planet to her; he’s just crazy about her. That’s what counts.

I’ve been dying to do a picture here:

Many of my very favorite pictures were taken “in between” shots… like this one:

I’m so glad they showed me this wall! These two were half client, half tour guide for me! It was so fun to finally explore this area of downtown.

I love urban photography because of the vibrant colors, but there’s always room for a little black and white in every session… I think.

Now how lucky am I that these two picked me as their wedding photographer next year?!


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