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[they leave your heart full | austin newborn twins photographer]

Just full of love and happiness and joy. It was so moving to photograph these two and their sweet family, and I do hope I reflect that in their photographs!

The next series is “so” newborn, and so quickly passing that I’m thrilled we captured it!

LOVE this picture:

Oh these little darlings!

Melts my heart!!!

There are always unplanned, sweet moments in full newborn sessions, as in the following two. I know it’s the mom in my, but I few things are more precious to me than pictures of parents and their newborns.

Um, hello little miss stylin’!

We even got a couple pictures of the big brothers all by themselves!

And a couple family pictures, too…

Thank you so very much, G family, for letting me capture this moment in time. So very special you all are!



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[fantastic four | austin family portrait photographer]

This family of four is uber special because big sister happens to be one of my little guy’s friends AND mama happens to be a photographer, too! I always feel very special when photographers ask me to take their family pictures. 🙂

Ah! Such cuties!

Thank you, friends, for spending Saturday morning with me!


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[one darling little girl | austin infant photographer]

Oh, she could not be an ounce sweeter!

And her family couldn’t be an ounce more beautiful…

And one that makes me grin from ear to ear:


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[the girls | austin family photographer]

I love repeat clients! I cannot believe how much this little lady has grown and changed since her newborn pictures! She has such a joyful spirit. We did this session earlier in the week as a surprise for daddy’s birthday present!

Such pretty girls!


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[cold days can be fun! | austin baby photographer]

Well, when baby just had training in Colorado, anyways! It was a cold day yesterday, but this little guy absolutely loved it! Do you remember his superman picture from the blog contest? He’s famous now, isn’t he? He never disappoints!

I was getting this hat in a picture no matter what. Good choice, mom!

I looooooove this picture; it is so him (from what I gather)!

Please I beg you, if you have a sock monkey, do not hide it. I love these things!

You never know what will happen at a session. This was the very first time he actually scooted his little airplane all by himself. Caught on camera!

Thank you P family! You made this blog post very difficult for me… way too many cute little faces to select from!


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[more itty bitty sessions | austin tx photographer]

This weekend brought another round of itty bitty sessions, and we had a whole lot of fun! I was a little nervous about it being too cold, but the weather proved perfect for the little sessions. If you’re interested in being notified of the next round of itty bitty sessions, please e-mail me. They seem to fill up so fast that I don’t get the chance to announce a date on  my blog!

Here are some pictures from two of the sessions:

Mommy didn’t plan on being in the picture, but I couldn’t resist asking!

And I’m ever so glad that I don’t have a girl simply because I’d be in some serious trouble when it comes to clothes! Look at her in this cute little sweater dress!

We were going for “walking” pictures, but, um, how could I restrain myself from editing this one?!


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[made for the camera | austin lifestyle photographer]

Oh my word… look at this little miss!

I don’t think there’s any denying that she’s made for the camera! What a beautiful family she’s part of, too. Mommy and Daddy are just smitten with their little lady, and it’s easy to see why!


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