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[Easter Party | austin party photographer]

This was the second year our sweet friends hosted an Easter party, and this year was just as lovely as the last! I promised myself that I would not pull out the camera when I realized I’d left my back-up in the back seat, but I only made it halfway through the party before snapping away. I tried… it was a battle… I lost. And I am glad I did!

[The above activity was “confetti eggs” – an Easter tradition this fam shared with us all!]

She melts my heart. 🙂

I love spring!


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[what I hope he remembers | austin child photographer]

When my son was born so many moms with grown kids told me to enjoy each day, because the days will go by quickly. Each time I heard this I thought that they were crazy. That first year was the l-o-n-g-e-s-t year of my life, but they told me so firmly and so assuredly that I knew at some point it would be advice to heed. Sure enough, the days are just flying by now.

I opened these pictures today and cried. My little boy is growing so quickly. I thought about what I hope he remembers about his childhood. I hope he remembers it as magical. I hope he remembers exploring, wondering, discovering. I hope he remembers friends and laughter and joy. I hope he remembers hunting for bugs with daddy in the backyard and pitching tents in my office and hiding from the “rain” with mommy.

I took these yesterday at his playdate with his best buddy; they make me smile because they are just two boys being boys!

And what post about two boys would be complete without this?


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[the big two | austin toddler photographer]

It seems that we just missed the cold front, which was perfect for this adorable little outfit! We took this little guy’s two year pictures at the capitol earlier in the week. I can’t believe what a variety of expressions we got from him! I love that about this age!

Here he is fixing his tricycle. Is this not adorable?!

I love this look.

Playing peek-a-boo with mommy!

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[my birthday | austin photography]

was yesterday. We went to Fredericksburg for a day trip, and it was nice to just be with my little family.

My hubby took this one:

and this one:

As a side note, I was recently reminded of something I’ve been meaning to mention on my blog. I sent some family pictures of my niece. My mom called and said that the pictures “look nice” on my blog, but that they look much better in print. It’s very true. I make a big effort to prepare pictures to look nice on your computer, but the fact is that they look much better in high resolution in all their print glory. Just keep it mind. 🙂


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[happy halloween | austin texas photographer]

I hope you all enjoyed dressing up, passing out candy to neighboring kids, and beautiful weather. Most of all, I hope you remembered just how tender, magical, and precious childhood is.

Here’s our little dalmation.

My husband took this one:

He is the cutest kid in all the world. Okay, I’m biased.

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[what’s fall without the pumpkin farm?]

We headed to Marble Falls on Sunday for some pumpkin fun. FYI – Sweet Berry Farm’s website says 50 minutes from south Austin, and it’s more like 90 minutes. Aside from the surprise in driving time, we had a good time with good friends.

kiddy corn maze

serious business:

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[when life gives you lemons…]

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