[Wedding Sneak Peek Part TWO! | Austin TX wedding photographer]

I’m so excited to share with you part two of this sneak peek! As I said before, I was able to photograph the reception as it unfolded… without hyper-scheduling or such things. Such a dream!

I love the details in this wedding! Any floral design incorporating artichoke is a sign of real style, I think!

He has to be the coolest uncle!

I just loved this little room and kept trying to think  of a way to show it off without making it about the room, so I watched what was going on in there throughout the day just waiting for something to happen in there that would lend to the story of the day. I’m sure someone thought I was crazy for standing in there for a few minutes waiting for just the right people to walk across the floor! I’m so glad I did, though, because these are two of my favorite pictures now!

Now how clever is this. The children had their own little table with art supplied and Polaroid pictures to decorate pages of a Kolo album for the bride and groom to keep!

Oh I have SO many more I want to show you, but I must end somewhere. What better than with a dance?!


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