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My oh my oh my – how I adore this wedding! After the formal family pictures, I was given free range of what to capture. There wasn’t a schedule or desire for me to intrude – just a sweet family surrounding and celebrating a much loved couple and their sweet little girl.


Who says family portraits have to be boring?

The couple flew their pastor in from out of state so that he could officiate the ceremony. I think it makes the altar pictures even more special. 🙂

There was a song in the ceremony, and the kids started to dance. I thought it was adorable!

I warn my brides that I WILL cry at their wedding at some point. [It’s just part of being in the moment, okay!] But for the following three pictures, I cried when I took them, I cried when I downloaded them, and I cried when I edited. them. It was such a beautiful and touching moment where the couple dedicated part of the ceremony to their little girl.

More yummy photographs of the reception and details to come… stay tuned!

This wedding took place at Laguna Gloria (Art Museum of Austin) in central Austin.



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8 responses to “[Elegance | austin wedding photographer]

  1. Beautiful work – you always do such a great job it almost makes me want to get married again so I could have you shoot it!

  2. This wedding is awesome! I love the fourth image – and the whole series with their sweet little girl is amazing! What a great story you’ve told for them!

  3. What a beautiful couple. The photos are stunning, and I love the portion where they dedicated to their daughter. I can see why you were emotional!

  4. Love that shot of the little girl — so sweet!

  5. Oh, SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Just love young love! #2 is my favorite, but I also really dig your unposed, natural family shots. SO much better than the boring everyone smile and look at the camera! Awesome work and congrats to the BEAUTIFUL couple!

  6. Holly

    This is Tasha’s sister and she sent these onto me. They are wonderful! You are very talented! You captured some awesome moments!!!

  7. Susan Craig

    I am a first cousin to Peggy (Jamie’s mother) and she sent this to me. I have enjoyed these memorable photos and wish the best for the happy couple.

  8. Ali

    Wow – what a great spread! Love part 2 as well – Laguna Gloria + good looking people = pretty fab pictures! As always, awesome work Jenn!! Wish I knew you back in my wedding planning days 🙂

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