[one fun day! | austin wedding photographer]

What can I say about this wedding except that it was fun and heartwarming! There are still so many pictures to show, but here are some of my favorites so far…

The bride with her grandmother:

The flower girls and ring bearer were little delights with sweet personalities!

I love the violin at a wedding…

Bridesmaids, I know that it was rough walking around in these shoes, but look at how fabulous they are!

The sure sign that it’s a good marriage… that you flex her muscles at your wife, and she nearly faints in awe!

I’ll be back with some more of the groomsmen getting ready (hint: they were scholarly about it) and the reception… with a fun surprise for you UT fans!

The ceremony took place at the University of Texas (UT) Catholic Center and the reception was held at the beautiful alumni center!



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12 responses to “[one fun day! | austin wedding photographer]

  1. These are all wonderful and so beautiful!

  2. wow you captured their day beautifully, lots of fun and tender moments, love all the details!

  3. Beautiful!! You do great wedding work.

  4. These are wonderful! You did such a fantastic job!

  5. they look exactly as they should on their wedding: gorgeous and incredibly happy. you documented their special days so well.

  6. jenbalt

    Wow! You did an amazing job capturing their day!

  7. Charlotte

    These pictures are fantastic! I love the ones with Abbie and Stephen after they were married. You can see the love in their eyes. You captured every moment in ways that would never be expected. Great Job! And, lovely Wedding and Reception!!! Congratulations Abbie and Stephen! I am very happy to have been a part of your very special day!!!

  8. These are all fantastic! You captured some great moments. Beautiful lighting!

  9. These are so fun! You can tell they are a fun-loving couple! Wonderfully captured 🙂

  10. I don’t think I have ever seen such a glowing, happy bride! Great job on this wedding! My favorite of this set is mom looking on as her daughter is getting ready…so sweet!

  11. What a super-fun couple!! You did an amazing job capturing their special day. The detail shots are superb!!

  12. KATY

    You were a alot of fun! Great JOB this pics are awesome!

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