[fantastic four | austin family portrait photographer]

This family of four is uber special because big sister happens to be one of my little guy’s friends AND mama happens to be a photographer, too! I always feel very special when photographers ask me to take their family pictures. 🙂

Ah! Such cuties!

Thank you, friends, for spending Saturday morning with me!



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10 responses to “[fantastic four | austin family portrait photographer]

  1. Jen,

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. And that shot with the trees… oh my gosh it shows who’s in charge – ME! I LOVE it!!! Thank you, thank you… such a treat for me to have pictures of my family with me in them too. XOXO

  2. mollie

    these are gorgeous- love the lighting in the tree shot!

  3. BEAUTIFUL family!!! You did a wonderful job of capturing their love and joy- LOVE mom’s skirt too- so cute!
    I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with these- I know I would!!

  4. oh my gosh hun what a beautiful family! you really captured their family spirit

  5. Beautiful family, love the colors! Great job as always!

  6. This family is so cute! You did a great job!!

  7. What a lovely family! You’ve captured lots of spirit in these. Great memories. A++

  8. what a beautiful family, I really love that last shot, it totally shows their love for each other

  9. Such great family portraits! i’m sure they’ll cherish them!

  10. Don’t they just scream HUGE on the walls? Great job! Fun family with lots o love.

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