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[Introducing Eve | austin newborn family photographer]

I really do love her name and just had to get it in the title! I was thinking about how fun it is to have repeat clients, because you know exactly which rooms in their house to go to for light. The fun thing about having repeat photographer “clients” is that THEY know exactly which rooms in their house to go to for light AND which way to face. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is my favorite little light spot in her house, and I realized that all our favs come from this little space!

And it didn’t disappoint this time, either:

I think I tried jumping up and down on my stool after taking the above picture!

Since mama’s a photographer, there wasn’t a need for me to do the usual newborn pictures, but there were still a couple moments during the session that I could not resist. ๐Ÿ™‚

How special is this – little Eve had a portrait with all the ladies – her mama, sister, grandma, and auntie. ๐Ÿ™‚

And a couple family pictures!

So, so thrilled for you friend Mollie!



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[they leave your heart full | austin newborn twins photographer]

Just full of love and happiness and joy. It was so moving to photograph these two and their sweet family, and I do hope I reflect that in their photographs!

The next series is “so” newborn, and so quickly passing that I’m thrilled we captured it!

LOVE this picture:

Oh these little darlings!

Melts my heart!!!

There are always unplanned, sweet moments in full newborn sessions, as in the following two. I know it’s the mom in my, but I few things are more precious to me than pictures of parents and their newborns.

Um, hello little miss stylin’!

We even got a couple pictures of the big brothers all by themselves!

And a couple family pictures, too…

Thank you so very much, G family, for letting me capture this moment in time. So very special you all are!


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[isn’t he cute? | austin child photographer]

I just had to share. ๐Ÿ™‚


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[Easter Party | austin party photographer]

This was the second year our sweet friends hosted an Easter party, and this year was just as lovely as the last! I promised myself that I would not pull out the camera when I realized I’d left my back-up in the back seat, but I only made it halfway through the party before snapping away. I tried… it was a battle… I lost. And I am glad I did!

[The above activity was “confetti eggs” – an Easter tradition this fam shared with us all!]

She melts my heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love spring!

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[catching up]

Just a little note to say that I’m home, I have lots of pictures to share, and I have a lot of catching up to do. I tried to stay up with e-mail the best I could with the little iPhone [that could], but I’ve arrived to find that I have over a hundred e-mails to respond to between photography and calligraphy… after deleting the spam. Every single one is precious and know you will have a response in the next couple of days!

For portraits, I am booking mostly in June with a couple openings in May for those who can work with mid-week sessions. The June special is a free itty bitty session (three images) in November (perfect for Christmas!) for clients who hold a “fun” or “fab” session in June.

My trip to DALLAS is scheduled for June 6-7, don’t forget! Would love to meet new clients!


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[Big kids | Austin family photographer]

Now what’s better than a family who lives out of state requesting a session while they’re in town?! I’m so honored and hope I lived up to your hopes!

It’s not everyday I get to photograph big kids! And what a stunning brother and sister I had to work with!

I just had to do something a little different, and they were such great sports!

This one makes me smile. [It was right after the flower comment!]

Of course we have some nice smiley pictures, too, but you know I just love those in between moments! ๐Ÿ™‚


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[Wedding Sneak Peek Part TWO! | Austin TX wedding photographer]

I’m so excited to share with you part two of this sneak peek! As I said before, I was able to photograph the reception as it unfolded… without hyper-scheduling or such things. Such a dream!

I love the details in this wedding! Any floral design incorporating artichoke is a sign of real style, I think!

He has to be the coolest uncle!

I just loved this little room and kept trying to think ย of a way to show it off without making it about the room, so I watched what was going on in there throughout the day just waiting for something to happen in there that would lend to the story of the day. I’m sure someone thought I was crazy for standing in there for a few minutes waiting for just the right people to walk across the floor! I’m so glad I did, though, because these are two of my favorite pictures now!

Now how clever is this. The children had their own little table with art supplied and Polaroid pictures to decorate pages of a Kolo album for the bride and groom to keep!

Oh I have SO many more I want to show you, but I must end somewhere. What better than with a dance?!

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