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This is a house I photographed a couple weeks ago. I took the pictures two ways: as a house and as a home. These ones are some of the home pictures I love. Of course, they are all of the little things – it’s funny how your photographic voice will cut through even when you shift to a type of work you don’t usually do. As you can imagine, this home provided for some really beautiful full room shots I’ll hopefully share with you soon!

I couldn’t resist this because (a) every girl wishes this was their shoe closet and (b) the organization sends chills down my spine (good chills)!

There’s humor in every home:



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4 responses to “[home | austin interior photographer]

  1. I like the way you have captured the details around the house. They speak a different story about the place than a wide open shot. I’m not showing my wife the shoe shot she might get inspired and I can;t afford that yet 🙂

  2. wow is this for real!!!!! This is an AMAZING home and GORGEOUS photos!!!!! i am drooling!!!! I love how you captured all the details and yet let the house shine. Amazing work.

  3. These are awesome! Love #1 and the one with the shoes!! ++

  4. What a gorgeous house! I love the perspective shots too. And of course who wouldn’t be jealous of all those nice shoes!

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