[what I hope he remembers | austin child photographer]

When my son was born so many moms with grown kids told me to enjoy each day, because the days will go by quickly. Each time I heard this I thought that they were crazy. That first year was the l-o-n-g-e-s-t year of my life, but they told me so firmly and so assuredly that I knew at some point it would be advice to heed. Sure enough, the days are just flying by now.

I opened these pictures today and cried. My little boy is growing so quickly. I thought about what I hope he remembers about his childhood. I hope he remembers it as magical. I hope he remembers exploring, wondering, discovering. I hope he remembers friends and laughter and joy. I hope he remembers hunting for bugs with daddy in the backyard and pitching tents in my office and hiding from the “rain” with mommy.

I took these yesterday at his playdate with his best buddy; they make me smile because they are just two boys being boys!

And what post about two boys would be complete without this?



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4 responses to “[what I hope he remembers | austin child photographer]

  1. I love your work. These nearly made me cry too! So sweet. Perhaps your little boy won’t remember but you certainly will.

  2. So sweet and true. Aren’t we blessed?! I need to take more pics of my kiddos. I’m terrible about that! What a sweet and special session!

  3. Your post brought me to tears, I feel like this so often with my two children. Beautiful pictures as always!

  4. Jenny Pankey

    I really enjoy these pictures. Incredible how you captured the water coming out of the drinking fountain and the sweet little faces are just adorable.

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