[LifeWorks Academy Awards Gala 2009 | austin event photographer]

Sunday brought the annual Academy Awards Gala in Austin benefiting LifeWorks. The event took place at Austin Hilton downtown, and Kennedy Creative was the event designer for all of the the fabulous you see below!

The front entrance:

The reception and silent auction took place in two themed studios. This safari room included a life size zebra statue (a picture favorite throughout the evening), canopy style lounge, and a stone bar among other details!

The next studio was themed chocolat. A fountain and glass vases filled with small chocolates were my two favorite features in this studio.

A wide view of the ballroom:

Checking in the guests:

The two studios were divided with this beautiful fabric. It was just dreamy!

Executive director Susan McDowell delivering a speech:

And here is the Lifeworks development team. What a good looking bunch!

Thank you, Lifeworks, for allowing me to share in this event with you and for all  you do for our city!



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3 responses to “[LifeWorks Academy Awards Gala 2009 | austin event photographer]

  1. Omar Modesto

    Great shots, especially the close-ups and ballroom ones. It seems even the bottles were well-dressed.

  2. Melissa Navarro

    Jen you are amazing.

  3. Jenny Pankey

    Jen, you are an outstanding photographer! I love all your pictures you post on your blog. Amazing, just amazing!!!

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