[a stunning bride | austin bridal pictures]

Isn’t it appropriate that Valentine’s Day morning was spent taking bridal pictures? This bride-t0-be braved temperatures in the 50’s, and I’m so very glad she did! Best of all, I’m the lucky photographer who gets to photograph her wedding next month!

You’re a beautiful bride, Ms. A, and I’m excited for your big day!



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18 responses to “[a stunning bride | austin bridal pictures]

  1. What can I say other then I wish there were more Texans in Alberta ;D. I am quite certain all Texans are gorgeous, all Texans appreciate rad photography, and all Texans are ridiculously photogenic (which kind of goes along with the first two, but it deserves a category of its own).
    Lovely work!!

  2. Ah, Brittany. You made me laugh… and you are right! 🙂

  3. These are gorgeous! I love her beautiful dress and that fourth photo is priceless! Great work.

  4. Kim Griffith

    Stunning! I love them all but that first is just so wow!!

  5. beautiful! I love that last one so much!

  6. oh my goodness- these are gorgeous!! she is so lucky to have you capturing her big day- looks like it will be outstanding!

  7. These are stunning!!! I tried to pick a favorite, but I love them all. I wish I had wedding pictures like this!! Great work.

  8. Simply brilliant. I just love that first shot…she really looks like she is a blissful bride too…with all of her great laughs and smiles. WOW! Great work.

  9. She is absolutely beautiful! You captured this bride perfectly!

  10. Wow, what a beautiful bride, love the first one. Just beautiful! ++

  11. She is gorgeous! I love the laughter in the last!++

  12. Chris Koebelen

    You are so beautiful. I will always remember you and your Mom being so nice and cordial to me even though you were not fortunate enough to have McNulty and myself as coaches. It looks like you turned out pretty good. Best of luck to you and your hubby,

  13. mom

    Said I wasn’t going to cry. I was there to witness the cold. You both did well. Can’t wait to see the others. Love you Abbie everyone I’ve showed has loved them.

  14. carlos

    Thank GOD you look like your Mom. Best of luck.Carlos, Aida, Ashley & Chelsea

  15. lynn randall

    can’t believe you are the same little girl that used to run around the ballpark. sorry i can’t be there. you look beautiful

  16. Abbie you look gorgeous, we love your dress too
    Can’t wait for the big day. Love You, Grandma and Aunt Sissy Dumas

  17. Charlotte

    You are absolutely stunning! I’ve always loved your smile. This is great photography! Now on to the big day! You make a lovely bride. I love the last picture – it appears you loved the camera too! Love You!

  18. Arline Bryant

    These pictures are simply gorgeous. The photographer has captured your true essence, especially in the last picture. When I think of you, that is the face and smile that I picture in my mind. I can’t believe your wedding day is almost here. I’ll see you on Saturday. Love ya, Aunt Arline

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