[Can you tell? | austin couples photographer]

that they’re in love? Have I told you how much I LOVE when married couples contact me for couples pictures? This duo is going on six years together!

I was super excited about this picture!

Thank you P fam – I had lots of fun and even picked up a couple rules of golf etiquette from you both!



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11 responses to “[Can you tell? | austin couples photographer]

  1. Oh wow, these are really beautiful images. I love the one on the bridge, but they are all something.

  2. What a beautiful couple, my favs are 3 & 4. Awesome job, #3 would make a awesome canvas! ++

  3. what a beautiful couple, that 3rd shot wow, absolutely stunning gorgeous! Love that as well!

  4. Oh my…you SO can…I just cannot get over your great colors and clairty. The second shot is so special. I would love to just have one picture like that of me and my hubby, but you have managed to give them so many great ones. Love your conversions too…subtle but defining.

  5. These are so sweet! They definitely look happy and in love…you can tell by the natural smiles!! And I love the shot of them on the bridge…what a neat perspective! ++

  6. msr174

    I adore the 4th picture! Divine! ++

  7. wow I love the one on the bridge!!! Awesome perspective!

  8. Ann

    I love these! The interaction and emotion is so beautiful. #3 is spectacular!

  9. Simply amazing!!! Look at that sky…..WOW.

  10. Gorgeous work! They do look very much in love!

  11. just found your blog today — love your style. I love that picture of them sitting on the bridge.

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