[friendly competition | winter contest!]

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, we will begin our own (just as serious) contest. It’s all about strategy. precision. excellence. Okay, that’s as good as my motivation speech gets!

How it works: Vote for the best picture below. The client behind the winning picture at 12:00 noon on Thursday will receive their choice of a 16×20 gallery wrapped 1.5 inch thick canvas OR a free itty bitty session on March 14th!

Rules: One vote per computer. your cousin, your neighbor, and Little Bo Peep can all vote for you, and you can ask them to do so! If your corporate office won’t allow multiple computers to vote from one building, I’m very sorry. You will have to ask that your co-workers vote from home. The winner must decide on their prize within a week after the contest ends. Itty bitty sessions aren’t featured in contests right now. πŸ™‚
























If you’ve held a full priced session sometime between September and December 2008 and haven’t been featured on a blog contest, please let me know!



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59 responses to “[friendly competition | winter contest!]

  1. Kathleen

    simplicity – so beautiful!

  2. djk

    I was fond of # 3, it reminds me of a picture that my parents had of me when I was “repairing” my big wheel with big colorful oversized fisher-price “tools.” I swear it ‘ran’ better afterward…. πŸ˜‰

  3. Beautiful child with unique personality appeal plus colors and lines for abstract balancing act. I am no relation to the child.

  4. #3 is what children should be doing, Imagining!!!

  5. Edee Wascher

    #15 is my vote! hook ’em!

  6. Lauri

    #12 is my absolute favorite! Those striking blue eyes just melt my heart, and you can see the spunk in her coming through the camera!

  7. Mandi

    Without a doubt, #12.

  8. Jane

    #12 is absolutely a charmer! Her expression is pure joy!!

  9. Thank you all for your comments! I have to say that I have the most beautiful clients in town… inside and out! πŸ™‚

  10. Betty Royal

    All adorable, but #12 gets my vote–what a smile!

  11. Gervase

    They all are amazing pictures….but #22 gets my vote!

  12. trish tyl

    Just think , if we all reached out to others like the child in #12……the world would be a more positive, happy place! I think the photo jumps off the page with simple joy and laughter!

  13. Amy Arnold

    so many children…so much joy and love — it’s hard to pick a favorite, but #12 seems to say “Look at me – ISN’T LIFE WONDERFUL?!? – the best of them all!

  14. lori harsh

    no 3
    inquistive boy in precious

  15. Oh, it’s impossible to choose from all these amazing shots! You have an amazing eye!

  16. luxechandelier

    i love all of them but really love #15 the most!

  17. Great idea! I absolutely LOVE #2!!!

  18. Ok…I voted, but I LOVE them all. It was really tough. Your lighting, your colorful style, is just out of this world. I am book marking your blog as an instant fav!

  19. PAM F

    I love #3. The colors are awesome and he looks so serious about what he is doing! Excellent pictures!

  20. Adam

    Number 8 is beautiful.

  21. JoAnn

    Beautiful photoraphy, stunning subjects — I vote for #8!

  22. Number 8 is adorable. I love the colors and the little girl’s expression is too cute. It’s sweet that the Mom is holding her up. I just love this picture!

  23. Patti Summerville

    great photography

  24. Susan

    Great idea and wonderful pictures – especially #8. Thanks!

  25. Justin Sands

    With out a doubt 15…

  26. Jennifer P.

    So many beautiful children and gorgeous photography but my favorite is #8…

  27. barbara

    #22 my fave….awesome family photo!!

  28. Meg

    #22– a great family shot!

  29. SGuzman

    #22 – great family photo

  30. Ingrid J.

    I like the black and white photo of #22, what a lovely family.

  31. person

    #5 is great! not sure if my vote is counted 😦

  32. Stu

    Number 8 is great!

  33. Jasmine

    #8! πŸ™‚

  34. wick

    #22 for sure…adorable family picture

  35. Vickie

    # 12 is so cute !!!

  36. I like #22. Great family photo.

  37. Randy Wachs

    Number 10 captured my heart (and vote)!

  38. #22 was a great family photo !

  39. Sheridan

    #8 for sure!

  40. Lauren

    I would LOVE to meet #12!!!!!!!

  41. patricia wineland

    I vote for No. 10. Such a cute little face looking through the bars at me with smiling eyes.

  42. Kim

    I would have to say #12 is the cutest! That smile just melts your heart!!!

  43. steveandshelly

    we vote for #12.

  44. Mary

    No. 10 has it all – sparkly eyes, winning smile, personality shining thru.

  45. What absolutely beautiful photos. I love #8 & #13!!!! Wish the photographer was closer.

  46. Heather Martinez

    #12….what a cutie!

  47. tracy wade

    my vote is #4! love it. they are all great.

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