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[what I hope he remembers | austin child photographer]

When my son was born so many moms with grown kids told me to enjoy each day, because the days will go by quickly. Each time I heard this I thought that they were crazy. That first year was the l-o-n-g-e-s-t year of my life, but they told me so firmly and so assuredly that I knew at some point it would be advice to heed. Sure enough, the days are just flying by now.

I opened these pictures today and cried. My little boy is growing so quickly. I thought about what I hope he remembers about his childhood. I hope he remembers it as magical. I hope he remembers exploring, wondering, discovering. I hope he remembers friends and laughter and joy. I hope he remembers hunting for bugs with daddy in the backyard and pitching tents in my office and hiding from the “rain” with mommy.

I took these yesterday at his playdate with his best buddy; they make me smile because they are just two boys being boys!

And what post about two boys would be complete without this?



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[LifeWorks Academy Awards Gala 2009 | austin event photographer]

Sunday brought the annual Academy Awards Gala in Austin benefiting LifeWorks. The event took place at Austin Hilton downtown, and Kennedy Creative was the event designer for all of the the fabulous you see below!

The front entrance:

The reception and silent auction took place in two themed studios. This safari room included a life size zebra statue (a picture favorite throughout the evening), canopy style lounge, and a stone bar among other details!

The next studio was themed chocolat. A fountain and glass vases filled with small chocolates were my two favorite features in this studio.

A wide view of the ballroom:

Checking in the guests:

The two studios were divided with this beautiful fabric. It was just dreamy!

Executive director Susan McDowell delivering a speech:

And here is the Lifeworks development team. What a good looking bunch!

Thank you, Lifeworks, for allowing me to share in this event with you and for all  you do for our city!


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[two birthday boys | austin kids birthday party photographer]

Saturday brought a super hero birthday party for two adorable little boys! The day was spent at WAYA tumbling, jumping, and balancing away!

What’s better than cupcakes on a parachute?

And what’s better than singing happy birthday underneath the parachute?

The birthday boys!

And every super hero needs a cape – what a great favor!

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[robin bentley foster interior designs | austin interior design photographer]

I’m so excited to share with you some of Robin Bentley Foster’s interior design work! She’s a sweet artist soul who works hands on with every little detail of her design… down to the construction of furniture and custom framing of artwork. This home was one of my very favorite’s to do portrait work in, and you can imagine the thrill of actually photographing the interior! Here are a few pictures from our session. You can contact Robin at

I love her eye for arranging the little things…

She picks perfect paint. Seriously – just the perfect shade in every kind of lighting!

Thank you so much for letting me share these pictures with my blog readers, Robin! You’re such a talent!


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[sneak peek part two | austin wedding photography]

Let’s start part two from the beginning: the bride getting ready!

The bride and groom decided to see each other before the wedding. I have some adorable pictures of the bride “sneaking up” behind the groom and tapping him on the shoulder. It’s really special to get those first faces and let the couple have a moment together before the day sweeps them away! Another bonus is that we can do a few pictures beforehand, too!

I thought this was adorable. I was trying to be sneaky, but I think that dad knew what I was up to!

I’d forgotten to mention that the ceremony took place at The Sanctuary church in central Austin, and the reception took place at The Terrace Club in Dripping Springs. Don’t these locations make for some beautiful wedding pictures?

Here’s the bride’s parents watching a slideshow of pictures of the bride and groom from childhood.

I’m afraid I may have to do a part three to this sneak peek! Just too many wonderful moments, and I could fill a post with pictures of dancing alone!


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[lena + kevin | austin wedding photographer]

Oh how I love the pictures from this wedding! The nice thing about a photographer (such as yours truly) who will spend the day photographing your wedding – and not just a few hours – is that a couple who likes photojournalism gets a true 360 of their day. Additionally, a couple who like creatively posed pictures (as I call them), has time for full photo sessions during the day!

Here are a few from one of those creatively posed sessions with the bridal party of my last wedding. I have LOTS more fabulous photos to share with you from this wedding, so check back soon!

And yes, we have some serious pictures with each bridal party member and the bride/groom, but these are just so much more fun…

And a few of the lovely bride and her groom!


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[a stunning bride | austin bridal pictures]

Isn’t it appropriate that Valentine’s Day morning was spent taking bridal pictures? This bride-t0-be braved temperatures in the 50’s, and I’m so very glad she did! Best of all, I’m the lucky photographer who gets to photograph her wedding next month!

You’re a beautiful bride, Ms. A, and I’m excited for your big day!


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