[brother and sister | austin childrens photographer]

This was a lot of fun. I got to spend some time with little sister before the session “really” started, and she’s just the most dainty little sweetheart who mothers her stuffed bunny and dresses up in mommy’s shoes. And he tackled me. Twice. In a very respect-your-elders sort of way. 🙂

I would have made the sneak peek more even between sister and brother, but my husband informed me there were a couple football pictures that needed to make an appearance on here to make dad proud. 🙂

Perhaps I’ll have a picture of my husband in his Cardinals t-shirt holding his Cardinal’s mug wrapped in his Cardinals blanket watching the Super Bowl for you soon just to continue the football theme here… go Cardinals!!!



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14 responses to “[brother and sister | austin childrens photographer]

  1. love the jumping on the bed shot!! and that first one too! theyre really adorable kids

  2. chrissytorneyphotography

    I just love the candidness of these photos – they are wonderful captures! ++

  3. What adorable children! Love her with her bunny, super sweet 🙂

  4. Love the bunny shot….so sweet…
    Jumping on the bed is a great shot too!!++

  5. Oh how adorable, I LOVE the black & white photos! Beautiful!! ++

  6. Kit Nelson

    These are my cousins and I absolutely LOVE your photography! These pictures are beautiful.

  7. CCCUUUTTEEE, even if it Longhorns 🙂

  8. The interaction between the two is soooo cute! Love the candid-ness and cuteness of them all. Great shoot!

  9. Melissa Navarro

    Love these kids. Love the picture of Gigi with her bunny in the kitchen and love the jumping on the bed picture. One day, when Charlie is a UT football player, these pictures will be classic:)

  10. Goodie

    What can I say! These two darlings are my grandchildren, and their personalities have been exquisitely captured by the camera!

  11. Aren’t they darling? I had fun with these two! Thank you all for your comments!

  12. Adoragble!!! LOVE the last two!!

  13. Tiffany Schwedland

    um. these are awesome…bekah and andy have really ungly kids huh? =) the bed is awesome…i think my fave is gigi standing in the door barefoot with that biscuit grin…great job!!

  14. LOVE this set! Beautiful kiddos and awesome conversions!

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