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[fun no matter what | austin lifestyle photography]

Halfway to this session it started to rain. I got in my car in t-shirt weather and got out in scarf and glove weather (gotta love Texas!)… was a little concerned about the gloom meaning doom, but to my delight, this is the type of family who will have fun no matter what!

These two are so cute together! 

And then he pulled out the big tricks…

Butterfly kisses…

Ah! So many pictures to choose from with such pretty color! Thanks so much for making this overcast day bright!!!



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[cold days can be fun! | austin baby photographer]

Well, when baby just had training in Colorado, anyways! It was a cold day yesterday, but this little guy absolutely loved it! Do you remember his superman picture from the blog contest? He’s famous now, isn’t he? He never disappoints!

I was getting this hat in a picture no matter what. Good choice, mom!

I looooooove this picture; it is so him (from what I gather)!

Please I beg you, if you have a sock monkey, do not hide it. I love these things!

You never know what will happen at a session. This was the very first time he actually scooted his little airplane all by himself. Caught on camera!

Thank you P family! You made this blog post very difficult for me… way too many cute little faces to select from!


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I hope I am not the only one out there completely obsessed with this show. We had a small shindig on Wednesday night, and I thought I’d share with you what happens when a formal school teacher gets into a television show. 🙂 Actually, most of these ideas were “borrowed” from ideas found when searching for Lost party online.

I printed these labels on 8.x5x11 pieces of sticker paper and cut to size. The “Apollo” bars were actually mini sized Butterfingers.

These are the little planes found in the party favor section of the grocery store (HEB here in Austin).

It was great to see Sawyer Sun again on Wednesday. 😀


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[a few more | austin natural photography]

Here are a few more from a session a couple weeks ago. I finished editing today and just couldn’t help myself. 🙂


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[two is too cute! | austin lifestyle photographer]

This little man is simply adorable! I don’t even have to tell you – his smile melts your heart and you can see that in the pictures for yourself! What a joy that he has a gentle yet outgoing spirit, too!

Who are you going to choose?

Tough call, but  mommy wins!

My son is going on three now, and we’re leaving behind a lot of the in-between baby and toddler stuff, so I’ve found this need to photograph these little things that are so quickly fleeting! He was too cute with his sippy cup!

So, did you notice the new logo? I’m trying it out here, and I think i like it!


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[brother and sister | austin childrens photographer]

This was a lot of fun. I got to spend some time with little sister before the session “really” started, and she’s just the most dainty little sweetheart who mothers her stuffed bunny and dresses up in mommy’s shoes. And he tackled me. Twice. In a very respect-your-elders sort of way. 🙂

I would have made the sneak peek more even between sister and brother, but my husband informed me there were a couple football pictures that needed to make an appearance on here to make dad proud. 🙂

Perhaps I’ll have a picture of my husband in his Cardinals t-shirt holding his Cardinal’s mug wrapped in his Cardinals blanket watching the Super Bowl for you soon just to continue the football theme here… go Cardinals!!!


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[wedding part two | austin photojournalist]

This is part two and conclusion of the wedding sneak peek!

Here we have the grandfather of the bride, and he is such a sweet man with a great sense of humor. He was in place at the back of the chapel right on time and watching what was going on with the waiting guests and watching what was going on outside with the wedding party. And I was waiting for the right moment to get this picture. 🙂

One of the challenges and greatest joys in wedding photography is the number of lighting conditions you have to be prepared for! I noticed that the light was glowing at the altar and thought this would be the best way to show the pretty effect.

I forgot to ask where this cake topper came up, but I do believe it’s the most adorable one I’ve seen!

I LOVE this picture… so telling of how sweet their interaction is!

The incredibly talent The Kat’s Meow played, and wow! What a voice!

Congratulations  you two! Thanks so much for letting me spend it with you!


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