[itty bitty sessions | part two]

Here’s part two of the sessions from yesterday! Momma made these adorable hats (and her tunic) for these pictures. What talent!

Love the color here:

I finally got to use my big lollipops, too!

And these are the awesome friends who let me use their backyard as a backdrop! I’ll have to get permission before posting their family picture because it’s going on the Christmas card I believe…

This was a hurry-and-get-the-camera-settings-right-before-she-moves type of moment!

I just love this gal. Such a sweet soul…


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One response to “[itty bitty sessions | part two]

  1. ali

    Hey Jenn,

    It was so fun seeing you again today….you have such a gift! Thanks for dealing w/ our cranky start! I am just crazy over the pic of Ava through the window!!!
    XXOO A

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