[a little CONTEST for the fall]

Some of us are having voting withdrawals, so I think it’s time for a little therapy! Cast your vote for your favorite picture below, and at the stroke of 10:00 p.m. (I can’t promise I’ll be up at midnight) on Tuesday the 18th, I’ll announce the winner. Rules: one vote per computer, your uncle bob CAN vote for you as can anyone else you beg, and if an infant wins the prize will go to their mommy or daddy.

So what’s the prize?  An 11×14 gallery wrapped canvas print from their session OR a 10×20 styrene mounted and uv protected storyboard featuring three images from their session. Either prize is a stunning display of the pictures!

If you had a session with me after September 1st and are wondering why you’re not on here, it’s probably because we’re finalizing your order. Don’t worry, if all goes well, you’ll be on the next contest! Pictures are in the same order they fall in on my computer. 🙂




















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58 responses to “[a little CONTEST for the fall]

  1. jeannette shiflet

    I am her nettie, what can I say – beautiful

  2. They’re all so great. Thanks Jen.

  3. Joni Kost

    They’re all beyond perfect… but of course Tinsley gets my vote!

  4. Jaime Turman

    What a fun contest! Such amazing pictures!

  5. Kathy Coburn

    Darling kids

  6. Judy Rice

    Beautiful pictures! Very talented photographer and oh! what wonderful models.

  7. marina

    My favorite was picture #7

  8. Jayelene Lyons

    These shots are executed beautifully. The composition in all of them is intriguing and entertaining at the same time. Wonderful job. My favorite has to be #15. The use of selective focus gives the image depth.

  9. Lucy Sommerdorf

    all great photos, I really liked number 6 as well

  10. Jennifer P.

    #4 is the sweetest and cutest baby that has ever existed on the planet. And I am not just saying that because I am his adoring mommy 🙂 Great pix Jennifer – looking forward to session #3!

  11. Elsayael Abril Andara

    Good picture. You can see the mothers face with a perfect smile!

  12. Elsayael Abril Andara

    #7 my choice……. 🙂

  13. Marco Aguilar Garcia

    #7 I like the idea that mother changes the diaper. I admire the mothers because to change a diaper seems so simple for them and us guys it’s a complicated thing to do…. ha ha ha

  14. Karen Covey

    What a way to make someones day! they are all great but my vote has to be #7

  15. Karen Covey

    Oops that would be #4

  16. Oliver Peabody

    #14 is the most adorable little girl I have ever seen!

  17. bob

    #7 is adorable. What a smile. I think she wins hands down without any thought.

  18. Grandma Cookie

    My what wonderful choices. I have to choose #7

  19. Chiquis

    My Choice # 7
    So relax!!!

  20. Travis Turman

    #5 definitely#5

  21. Elsie cardinahl

    She is a beauty # 7 is BUT then she takes after her Great Aunt.HA HA LC that is

  22. Nicole Kessler

    Love #4 and #16! Can I vote on 2? Of course I love mine…but these two take the cake!

  23. travis schirpik

    14 takes my vote.

  24. Jennifer P.

    My second choice after my own little superman is #8. You can’t beat a beautiful redhead with his dog! Love it!

  25. roy kimble

    What the world needs now is someone of who can HOP tall buildings in a single BOWN –Superman.
    therefore, #4 is the photo.

  26. Rafael Abril Gaspar

    #7 has my vote!

  27. Wanda Shannon

    #14 is my angel .. but I am Nana ! They are all great pictures though

  28. Crysol

    Great smile and a beautiful bonding moment for mommy and daughter! My vote is for #7.

  29. I love the pictures of the babies!!! Vote for number 4! This is my good friends baby and girls he isn’t he just adorable!!! Good luck Harrison!!!

  30. Gilda Aguirre

    Definitely #7. If you could only see those beautiful blue eyes….

  31. Sue and Liv Fallon

    We love #7!

  32. Becky

    Beautiful picture for beautiful moments #7

  33. Tim Miller

    Number 7 !

  34. Paula Carpenter

    I wish you could know the HEART of the sweet man in #2…my son-in-law. And OH MY GOODNESS! The precious spirit of his little daughter, my daughter’s daughter…that he is holding in the air! All of these children are simply adorable…but of course…my heart belongs to the little girl in photograph 2.

  35. Paola Rivas

    May favorite was picture #7

  36. Lynn P R

    All are precious but, Great Aunt “Doodie” votes for Superman #4 for sure…Plus he is the sweetest baby!!And my favorite nephew ain’t bad either!!!

  37. Kathy D.

    Move over Clarke Kent, #4 is the greatest!
    What a precious little baby boy!

  38. Kay

    Having raised a “Superman” myself, #4 is brings back some wonderful memories! I still have his cape! This little superman is a flying cutie!

  39. Audrey

    I love n0# 6!! But they r all very good pictures.

  40. What beautiful pictures. We are voting for Nov.12 number two because all the baby ones are too cute to make a decision and we love it that a father would continue to play so sweetly with a daughter.

  41. Sonia Villarreal

    Precioso! #7

  42. Erhin

    #14 fan club . Excellent images.

  43. Melissa

    #17 gets my vote!

  44. MARY


  45. Phillip

    Thank you J. Cota! This photos are great. I can tell the other families had precious moments captured also. I am biased because she is my baby girl, so Number 7 gets my vote. Thanks again!!!

  46. Ana & Casey

    Okay, seeing as we (#12) were never going to stand a chance against all these adorable kids and babies, our vote goes to #16. That picture is so front cover, magazine ready! The girl is a natural! Amazing job on all of them Jennifer!

  47. Elsa Gabriela

    Great pictures, my favorite was #7 🙂


    She’s a beauty…
    from your cousin in Kenosha Wisconsin

  49. My vote is for 14 – what a sweet shot!



  51. Crissy

    #12 Gets my vote! The babies are all so adorable, but this couple just looks like they are really in love. You caught that perfect moment. Bet you they’d make great parents too. Kudos to the Photographer!

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