[best eyes | austin family photographer]

I’m sitting here editing this session and am thinking that it’s totally unfair that every member of this family has amazing eyes! So, what better way to start the post than with pictures of the feet? [a little joke there] You’ll be seeing the amazing eyes, don’t you worry… this will be one of my sample sessions coming soon.

Don’t you just want to bottle up this cuteness?

These two little ones could not be more opposite in personality, but one thing they have in common [or so it seemed to me] is that they really have a sense of wonder… I think these two pictures tell that story.

I was taking some crawling pictures, and then he throws this little face at me! Oh. My. Word. I’m trying not to explode in joy when this stuff happens, but I could not contain myself with this little guy!



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3 responses to “[best eyes | austin family photographer]

  1. All those cute feet in the first one! I adore this age. You never know what you’re going to get from them! Great job!

  2. These are adorable! Gotta love the crawling face shot. Very creative captures here! ++

  3. These are great!! They are going to love them. You captured great memories for them!! ++

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