[my birthday | austin photography]

was yesterday. We went to Fredericksburg for a day trip, and it was nice to just be with my little family.

My hubby took this one:

and this one:

As a side note, I was recently reminded of something I’ve been meaning to mention on my blog. I sent some family pictures of my niece. My mom called and said that the pictures “look nice” on my blog, but that they look much better in print. It’s very true. I make a big effort to prepare pictures to look nice on your computer, but the fact is that they look much better in high resolution in all their print glory. Just keep it mind. 🙂



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2 responses to “[my birthday | austin photography]

  1. Tiffany Schwedland

    those are beautiful jen!! oh my goodness!! and happy birthday LATE! when was it?? soooo sorry and when would you like to celebrate?

  2. Val Laizure

    I can’t beleive how much Isaac looks like Steve–he’s a mini-me!

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