[a little love in the fall | austin wedding photographer]

This is part one of this couple’s sneak peek! The wedding was held in Tucson at Hotel Congress downtown, and the entire vibe was so reflective of the couple’s style. They had an awesomely fun wedding party, which always makes the photography part a little more interesting.

We managed a couple groomsmen pictures before the wedding… now doesn’t this wall have “wedding backdrop” written all over it?! [I’m full of jokes these days]

She was such a beautiful classic bride!

A bridesmaid toast before the wedding…

The couple actually saw each other for a few minutes before the wedding, and I got to snap a few!

Waiting for the ceremony to begin.

The bride’s brother

The groom laughin it up before the ceremony

The groom’s gaze…

The groom’s parents.

Part two coming soon…



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2 responses to “[a little love in the fall | austin wedding photographer]

  1. Wow, you really captured some unique shots, and what a variety of different perspectives. They seem like a very fun couple – I bet they will love these – A++ job 🙂

  2. WOW – so many amazing images. Love your perspective for so many of these. The couple is so lucky to have such great photographs from their wedding. ++Great Job!++

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