Cards! Cards! Cards!

It’s that season! All clients who held sessions from September and on have the opportunity to place the photo(s) of their choice in a card template. The prices are as follows:

{price is for 25 cards and 25 envelopes}

25 5×7 flat cards (front only) = 37.50+tax

25 5×7 folded cards (front and back) = $50+tax

All cards are press printed, not photo printed. The wording is completely customizable.

Here are the choices!

one front:

one back:

two front:

two back:

three front:

three back:

four front:

four back:

five front:

five back:

six front:

six back:

seven front:

seven back:

eight front:

eight back:

nine front:

nine back:

ten front:

ten back:


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  1. Heather

    hey, i want some too….

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