[the fabulous five]

I had so, so, so much fun with this sweet family! [can you tell?]

As usual, the anti-family portrait ends up being my absolute favorite picture of the session, and here is my favorite family pic:

The light changes quickly at the time we did pictures, but I just love the color brought out in this one:

If you have a crib and you have hired me, just be prepared. I will not let you get away with no crib pictures!

About half way through the session, this little guy said, “I want to see bugs.” This is something that my little guy says often, so it stuck out to me. Then I realized, wait, he’s talking… in sentences… and he’s twenty months old. What an amazing little guy with some amazing little eyes!

Speaking of seeing bugs, I had to edit this post to add a picture of the boys actually looking for bugs. This is just precious – perhaps even moreso to me, because my son loves to look for bugs with his daddy, too. You know what I love about this? These two will probably look back at this picture and actually remember the bug hunting routine. Childhood is so fun! Remembering it may be even more fun. 🙂


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  1. I love the fun moments you captured… they seem like such a loving family and so happy! Great job on these 🙂

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