[one plus one is double the fun!]

I was just giddy on the way to their session this morning. These little guys were seven months at their last session, and I couldn’t wait to see how they’ve grown. There were lots of comments made about these two belonging on the cover of a magazine after their last session, and I don’t think much has changed! We have some perfect family pictures that I’m hiding for the Christmas card, too!

This one just takes my breath away; I’m a fan of the sunflare as you can see:

Love the light filling his eyes here and that little face of wonder. One year pictures are the best!



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8 responses to “[one plus one is double the fun!]

  1. beautiful sun flare and adorable little guys! great captures im sure the family will love!

  2. These are All PERFECT!!! Love that last one of the two of them together!!!

  3. These two are ADORABLE!! This location is awesome and I wish I had photos of my baby girl like these! Great job!!

  4. These are so sweet! I love the black and white at the fence and that last one is just amazing.

  5. Oh Wow! These are beautiful! I Love the Family looking at the fish in the Pond! Nicely done!!++

  6. What a cute famiyl!! Great pics!

  7. oh I just love these! they are adorable and the fish pond is a great shot!

  8. Lovely, as always! I so enjoy coming to your blog!

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