Lifeworks is an organization that helps homeless youth become self-sufficient and successful individuals. Every year, Austin businesses and personal volunteers take part in transforming the apartments of several lifeworks youth. I had the chance to photograph three of the reveals yesterday, which was one of the most touching experiences in life. The stories of these girls are simply amazing, but most exciting is that all three are on their way to careers or in college full time thanks to the assistance Lifeworks provides.

I wish I had the interior designer’s names to share with you here! It took many giving and precious people to put this all together. Perhaps they’ll chime in if ever they read this post.

After seeing a picture of her father the designers framed:

All the youth received an “above and beyond” gift, which included things like grocery gift cards, wardrobe makeovers, hair stylist appointments, gym memberships, and career counseling.

I volunteer for one charity event a month. If you represent a non-profit organization and are in need of photography services, please contact me to reserve a date.



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3 responses to “[lifeworks]

  1. Wow and Wow how cool is it that you go to be there. Excellent job these rock and I love the emotion. Congratulations to these young people !! I wish them all the success in the world!!!++

  2. Absolutely amazing, what a wonderful organization and the emotion you captured is so touching!

  3. Wow, I am touched by this organization and your photos. Well done and thank you for sharing!

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