[family love]

Well, what can I say about this family? They’re fun, they totally love each other, and they have a house full of joy.

Let me explain why the next three pictures are all taken at a different angle: I had tears running down my cheeks! This was such a precious moment, and little did they know as they happily painted that their photographer and sister were on the other side of the door crying their eyes out! 🙂

I do have a few “nice” pictures on the bed, but this is my kind of family portrait 🙂

Love this… love the colors in the room… love that [I think] she was jumping for m&m’s here… love that her little brother thinks she’s the greatest thing in this moment… love that I’m not the only mom who lets their kid jump on the bed…

I do a lot of reading pictures… I loved books as a child, and I’m forever grateful to my mom for making book so magical for me. I needed to do a little something different for this one, and I think it worked!

This was daddy’s idea I must admit. Love it!

Oh, the Mohawk!

For some reason, I am just gaga over the color in this one:

I deleted this one, and then restored it. I just couldn’t get over the wisps of hair on her face and the way the light filled her eyes. Glad I didn’t ditch it.



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8 responses to “[family love]

  1. These are wonderful…you capture such raw, real moments! I love it.

  2. jenbalt

    These are great. I love the ones of them painting on the door.

  3. Jennifer-
    these are great.. you need to come to az to photograph my family some time 🙂

  4. What a FUN Session! You did a beautiful job on these!! I love the freestyle Bed Family Portrait! Very Cool! ++

  5. echobelli

    Wonderfully creative work!! Love the bed photos, priceless.++

  6. Fantastic session!!! to many are my favs.

  7. I seriously love your work! You are definitely one of my faveorite photogs!

  8. you know i love this family! great pics 🙂

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