[one is fun!]

I really enjoy doing one-year pictures! This is the time where the world comes alive to these little guys and gals, and it’s so fun capturing their curiosity. This little miss has captured mommy and daddy’s hearts for sure.  She was a busy little bee right up to bed time, and then like clockwork, the day was done!

This couldn’t be any cuter:

Watching the water pour into the bath tub.

Look at those sleepy little eyes!



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9 responses to “[one is fun!]

  1. Aww, what a little angel! You captured her beautifully!

  2. Love the one with Daddy chasing her! You truly caught a day in the life of this little girl.

  3. Grandma Cookie

    Sweet Estella, a joy to my heart. She looks beautiful!

  4. Tash

    How can so much cuteness be embodied in such a little person? Beautiful baby and beautiful pictures!

  5. What a darlin little gal! But who’s the nerd in the socks?

  6. James

    She is going to be just like her mommy, Huge portraits all over her mothers house… All I can say is what a beautiful family… congrats to the both of you.

  7. Cherie

    My shining “ESTRELLA” (she will always be my shining star). Estella is growing so fast and so amazingly beautiful (just like momma). Great photos and such a special way to capture her in every way on her special day! Congrats to mom and dad – this is only the beginning……miss you guys!

  8. Karyna

    thank you for your comments!
    I have to say is “I Agree” she is amazing!! we gave her our heart the very moment we find out she was coming to this world!

    Thanks Jennifer, you have capture her so amazingly good!

  9. Uncle Thomas

    Aloha Tarbox family, and what a beautiful trio you are!!! No surprise there, but what a gorgeous realization. It’s been a while since seeing your faces, and I’m proud of those smiles and the joy that is so apparent between you all. A very nice birthday present to see all your smiles. You’re always welcome here, and always are in my heart.

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