Sneak peek part two, that is. Here are more from Saturday’s wedding. There are so many more I could post. Could I have asked for a more STUNNING couple? I think not. The day was beautiful, the family so hospitable, and the love incredibly real.

The poor groom often gets about five minutes for the getting ready pictures (as in this case), but you’ll be surprised at how many keepers I have from those few minutes!

Sweet sisters!

How awesome is this: they pulled out their Rocky moves at the exit… complete with cheers at the top of the stairs!

This wedding was held at the Shoreline Grill in downtown Austin, and the wonderful Patti coordinated it for the bride and groom (and I mean, a totally on the ball coordinator!).



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6 responses to “[two]

  1. Great images! And I loved seeing groom’s getting ready shots – those are so often overlooked 🙂 You did a fantastic job!

  2. WOW! These are great! I really love #4 and #5! ++

  3. aww, these are beautiful!

  4. Beatiful. I love all the details you captured. Wonderful job!

  5. Very lovely wedding work! I love that ring shot!

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