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[I just couldn’t resist…]

This is actually tomorrow’s post, okay? I just cannot withhold pigtails from you! It was so hard to narrow the pictures for the sneak peak. We had a whole lot of fun with these two little gals, and I’m happy to report that we have a stunning family picture with the family dog included!

It was certainly hard to choose which fairy wing picture to share; she was having so much fun!

And a gasp when I opened this one for the first time:

I hardly had to put forth effort for this cuteness!

I love this picture for a couple reasons. First, it’s not retouched and they’re just beautiful. Second, he wanted a picture of just the two of them. I LOVE when mom and dad take a minute to have a couple pictures taken with just the two of them.

And last but not least, a close up of our furry friend:



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[the fabulous five]

I had so, so, so much fun with this sweet family! [can you tell?]

As usual, the anti-family portrait ends up being my absolute favorite picture of the session, and here is my favorite family pic:

The light changes quickly at the time we did pictures, but I just love the color brought out in this one:

If you have a crib and you have hired me, just be prepared. I will not let you get away with no crib pictures!

About half way through the session, this little guy said, “I want to see bugs.” This is something that my little guy says often, so it stuck out to me. Then I realized, wait, he’s talking… in sentences… and he’s twenty months old. What an amazing little guy with some amazing little eyes!

Speaking of seeing bugs, I had to edit this post to add a picture of the boys actually looking for bugs. This is just precious – perhaps even moreso to me, because my son loves to look for bugs with his daddy, too. You know what I love about this? These two will probably look back at this picture and actually remember the bug hunting routine. Childhood is so fun! Remembering it may be even more fun. ­čÖé

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[tin tin]

I think that’s the cutest nickname ever, and this less-than-two-week-old already claimed it! She’s also already claimed quite an outgoing personality! Her big sister is quite taken by her, and watching that interaction was a lot of fun for a mama of just one.

And here’s little tin tin…

Since feedings and diaper changes are expected with newborns, it gives a little in between time to photograph the older siblings!

I just adore this one… I love when stuff like this just happens without planning it!

And how could I resist this?


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[i’ll be back]

Just stopping in to let everyone know that it’s been a very busy week and now it’s a birthday weekend for my hubby. Life has eaten my blogging time. Give me some time to catch my breath a little, and I’ll have some fun photo sessions to share with you starting tomorrow!

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[revisiting photos]

I took these of my niece when she visited in June. I re-edited them tonight, and edited this first one after cracking up when I opened it. She’s giving a boy the stare because he was making a┬áruckus in the water at the park. She just stared at him with this tiny wisdom, and I love the little look that resulted.

When I used to write (before I was a mom), I’d write, edit, put it away long enough to become detached, then take the draft out and re-edit with fresh eyes. I figure that there’s nothing wrong with doing this in photography as well, right? Well, at least when it comes to family photos.

This is the face of a toddler who is forced to take a picture before she can go enjoy the lollypops five feet away…

I chopped the top of the fence off in my first edit, but fell in love with the peek of trees and magical bokeh it created this time around.

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[new pricing]

I’ll be changing around my prices and posting them on October 1st. If you’ve been watching the blog and considering booking, now is the time! I’m currently booking for November, and all sessions with deposits turned in by 10.7.08 will receive the current pricing.

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[one plus one is double the fun!]

I was just giddy on the way to their session this morning. These little guys were seven months at their last session, and I couldn’t wait to see how they’ve grown. There were lots of comments made about these two belonging on the cover of a magazine after their last session, and I don’t think much has changed! We have some perfect family pictures that I’m hiding for the Christmas card, too!

This one just takes my breath away; I’m a fan of the sunflare as you can see:

Love the light filling his eyes here and that little face of wonder. One year pictures are the best!


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