[modern classic]

I realized in the last few weeks that all my creative ventures always end up in the modern classic style. We’ve heard of this style of decor, but to me a modern classic picture is a bit of a struggle because it has to be attractive in past, present, and future. Sort of hard to always be in style, but timelessness is something to work towards, I think.

All that to say that this session was special, because I think that mommy is a kindred soul in the the modern classic style. She and her sweet husband have three adorable kids.

This little gal is just smitten with her baby brother:

About a month of carrying tulle in my car, and finally a tree branch I can reach!

Kids will just do the most picture perfect things on their own.

I really couldn’t decide between the color and black and white version of this, but I’m lacking a little b & w, so that was the deciding factor here!



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5 responses to “[modern classic]

  1. These are beautiful! Love this whole session! Great job!

  2. These are gorgeous! Beautiful kids, amazing setting, such variety! Well done!

  3. I love that the litter sister got to hold the baby – hard to believe they all were that little once. NIce work.

  4. I love your style! These images are so wonderful. I gasped out loud at the 5th image. Great capture!

  5. love these! what great space they have and adorable kids!

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