[first urban family session]

In my request to this family, who are dear friends (and our pastor at ACL), I said something like: please be my guinea pigs and don’t expect great things. Not so enticing, but they came along for my first urban family session! So D fam, you guys are precious to us, and I hope you like your family pictures! You get an extra long sneak peek to celebrate my first downtown photo session. By the way, if you’re looking for sewing lessons, this gal has mad sewing skills, and is way to affordable. Check out her site.

The owner of this store saw us taking the above picture and actually brought out these two darling children’s chairs for us to use! So, Kristen from IF+D, you rock!

Yes, I forced them to do this:

I gasped when I saw this wall… is it not awesome?!

I thought of this myself… not really. It’s was Robie’s idea. 😀



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3 responses to “[first urban family session]

  1. hey J. i’m a friend of Jonathan & Robbie’s from college; just wanted to say you have some great work on here and i love how you match outfits with backgrounds.

  2. Trey, thanks so much for the compliment! I really love your work, too!

  3. Hi Jennifer! Loved this set of photos! Creative ideas and beautiful images!

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