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[modern classic]

I realized in the last few weeks that all my creative ventures always end up in the modern classic style. We’ve heard of this style of decor, but to me a modern classic picture is a bit of a struggle because it has to be attractive in past, present, and future. Sort of hard to always be in style, but timelessness is something to work towards, I think.

All that to say that this session was special, because I think that mommy is a kindred soul in the the modern classic style. She and her sweet husband have three adorable kids.

This little gal is just smitten with her baby brother:

About a month of carrying tulle in my car, and finally a tree branch I can reach!

Kids will just do the most picture perfect things on their own.

I really couldn’t decide between the color and black and white version of this, but I’m lacking a little b & w, so that was the deciding factor here!



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[super baby]

This family is very special to me! My favorite mother child and father child pictures came from their son’s newborn session. I was thrilled when they asked me to do family pictures, too! They’re on vacation right now, but thanks to the good old Blackberry, they’ll still be getting this sneak peek. Can the expression on his face be any more perfect in this picture?!

This has to be one of  my favorite pictures. Totally in the moment.

The sky was really grey, but the humidity kept fogging up my lens, so believe the grey in combination with the humidity is what caused the sky to be a solid color here. Amazing!

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[in answer to wedding requests…]

I’ve had a few requests that I add more wedding pictures to the blog since I’ve yet to update the weddings section on  my website. After this weekend, I will have four weddings to add to the site! Until then, here are a few more from Leslie and Tim’s wedding a couple weeks ago. Thanks for looking, and thanks for the requests!

I love this… this was after one of the toast speakers thanked the groom for his service overseas.

I was glad that in the last ten minutes I was there, lots of dancing went on. Imagine my missing this shot!

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[free chapel]

There’s a new church coming to Bee Caves, and it’s called Free Chapel. On Sunday I had the pleasure of visiting their last preview service in order to take a few pictures. I had a really great time and thought I’d share some of the pictures with you. You can check out their website at

First, they meet in a movie theater at a really cool outdoor mall!

Lots of friendly people

Contemporary worship

Three fun children’s classes, broken up by age group (thought it best not to share face pictures)

Thanks so much for letting me share Sunday with you!!!

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[i’m still here… and a few downtown]

I apologize for posting so little this week. My son came down with croup cough, and I completed a total of five calligraphy orders in a week (which is a lot).

My son is all better, and yesterday we went downtown for a [literally] fifteen minute TOPS photo session. I should have brushed his hair, given him a bath first, lalala, but I’m not one for perfect pictures. This is who my little boy really is.

Poor kid… his mommy mixes plaid and checkers…

His nonna and papa sent him some cars and quarters, and he opened his package right before we left, so he has them in his little fists or shirt pocket for all the pictures. He’s taking a nap right now, and he fell asleep holding them, too…

Taken by my hubby:


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[family fun]

I really enjoyed seeing how each person in this home brings something special to the family. Different personalities, and a lot of genuine love here. Thank you so much, S fam, for letting me follow you around on Thursday! Here’s your sneak peek!

This first one is my favorite picture because it’s so in the moment and will never ever happen with another family! How perfect!

Legs crossed, smiling at camera, and flying in the air… what talent!

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[mommy and daddy to be]

What a fun session this was! This couple is so sweet to each other and just in general, so excited for their new little one, and I have to say that this will be one lucky baby! I can’t wait for the newborn session next month!

In baby’s nursery:

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