Five years ago…

I went on my first date with Steve (my hubby). Here’s our story:

After my first night working at Macaroni Grill I literally had six voicemails from servers who stole my number off the schedule. That’s right my friends… I was a catch back then (lol). Steve never called me, though, and I didn’t know that he was disappointed when he found out I ended up dating another server from work (even though I kept calling this guy Steve because I had a crush on my future husband… who I thought wasn’t interested). His name sounded familiar, and I asked my sister if she knew him. Sure enough, our little sisters were friends in high school, and his mom was the famous “Mrs. Cota” of DV High School that my best friend still kept in touch with. That was my in! That week I started calling him “Cota” and asking him random questions, still believing that this guy wasn’t interested in me at all. Steve was funny, loyal to his buddies, and oh-so-macho those days. He didn’t need a girl. Or so he thought.

One night I asked Steve if he had plans. He thought I was going to ask him to close for me, so he said that he was busy. I told him it’s too bad, because I wanted to see if he was interested in watching a movie after work (common for servers to go to movies after work, so no, I wasn’t THAT forward). He spent the rest of the night chasing me around and trying to eat his rejection! We agreed to go; he told me he wanted to pick me up so that we could get out of work clothes. I gave him a Bible quiz since this was turning into a date, and he passed. I put my arm on the armrest between us the entire movie hoping he might touch my elbow with his. He did… at the end.

Steve told me that as he pulled up to my house that night, he knew he would be coming to pick me up there often. He was right. We saw each other every day after that. A couple months later I went to a retreat two hours away. I couldn’t take not seeing him for a day, faked illness, and drove back to Phoenix to see him. I knew we were in love then. He asked my dad for my hand in marriage a month later, and we were married seven months after that.

I can’t say that marriage is for sissies, but Steve and I were meant for each other, and I don’t question that a bit. Steve is a man of character, one who loves, serves, and sacrifices for his family. For some reason, he loves me like crazy; he protects me and cherishes me and all my strange little ways. I’m a lucky gal. 🙂 And so we will be two people in Austin totally in love for many half decades to come…

This is us five years ago (almost):


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  1. Look at you two – Steve, how did you ever get a hottie like Jen?????

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