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[these are genuine smiles]

My husband told me before I left for this session that it was going to be a great one… because he “could feel it”. I love him, and I LOVE THESE PICTURES! It was a family-turned-kids-only session and we had lots of fun! Thanks so much, L kids, for sharing your evening with me! Here’s your sneak peek…

“strong men”

This is just sweetness!


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[real life, real love]

… and there’s a whole lot of both in this household! I was truly touched getting to know this family, and their boys captured my heart! We did very few posed pictures; I felt like “real life” was going on when I arrived, which is just awesome! It was fun following you around with my camera on Saturday evening, E family. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with me. 🙂 Here’s your sneak peak!

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[we need leap]

Ava’s little leap frog cured all our blues today! A little gal in a watermelon dress, bloomers, and a tutu… what more can a girl with one little boy ask for?! I sure got my frill fix today. 🙂 Thanks so much for spending your Sunday afternoon with me… here is your sneak peak!

And a picture I’ve been dying to get for awhile!


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[the humidity didn’t get us down!]

This family is my first to drive in from out of town for a session, so a big thank you for that! Little Miss Audra is pure sweetness, as you’ll see:

I love this one… and it’s not posed. 🙂

I don’t think there’s a kid out there who doesn’t call fishies “nemo” anymore. This little angel is no exception!

I love both the facial expressions in this one:

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[good for the heart]

That’s what this little girl is! Truth be told, it was a frustrating day with my toddler, so when this one beamed as soon as she saw me, she just made my day. Little girls are good for the heart. Here’s a sneak peak for the sweet, sweet B fam…

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[katie kat]

This is my little sister. Well, she’s less than two years younger than me and has more kids than me, but she’s still my little sister.

She came to visit me last month, and a few minutes before she left for her fifteen hour drive home, and after she got her two kids ready for the day, attempted to clean my house [I stopped her as soon as I could], packed up her suitcases, and shook off a fever from the night before, I asked her if she’d take a few maternity pictures. She didn’t put her make-up on that morning or do her hair, and she’s still so stunningly beautiful after all that… inside and out.

I miss her.

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This weekend we went to League City to visit my cousins, and we had lots of fun! I’m sure they’re thrilled that I got my camera out of their kids’ faces, but I wasn’t going to miss out on these cuties!

Here’s the little one I followed around the most. Mommy may not agree, but even her whining is darling and oh-so-mouse-like. She and my second niece give me hope for another one. Second children are so sweet!

Isaac and cousin George became buddies about ten seconds after we arrived. Look at those eyes!

Who’s having more fun here?

This is Isaac and George playing my grandmother’s first piano.

And here are my other sweet cousins… wish I had taken more pictures of them, but I do like this family pic. 🙂

Here is one example of why I love photographing kids:

Thank you, cousins, for letting us hang out with you. Come to Austin! I have a very busy photo week this week, but I’ll try to get another post this week up from our trip.


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